Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Grenadier

This little English Pub called The Grenadier is known for their Bloody Mary's on Sundays. It is also, apparently one of the most haunted places in London. It used to be a place where soldiers go to, to relax during the 1st World War. Yes it is that old.  No wonder why it's haunted. It has been said that one of the soldiers was beaten to death inside when he got caught cheating in a card game. 

This Pub is tucked away from the busy city of London in Knightsbridge. It is the kind of pub that you must know where it is in order to get to. 

What is interesting about this pub is that, not only it has been a part of history but also it shows that it has been a part of history. They have kept the original cobbled street and brick walls, vintage cars were parked outside. It's almost as if you're back in that era. It is a very interesting contrast to the modernised city of London.

These drawings above was composed by me and my group for this project. It is a section detail of the bar inside the Pub. The clock is one of the many details that I drew on Vectorworks, see if you can see it in the right scale in the room. This project is for establishing that the London Public House should be a world heritage.

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