Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I forgot that I did these things -part 1

Browsing through my computer...well more like panicking that I have lost a file for my presentation tomorrow so I was digging through every folder in my computer and came across to some of my old work. I have found a few in which I will publish in different parts. I am trying to collect my thoughts what these projects were about.

Like the image above, it's one of my anti-animal testing photography for my art project when I was doing my A-levels. Let me just say that I am no heroin addict and that my mother is a brilliant nurse and has given me a few syringes for this project. This image is pretty straight forward. The feather itself symbolises the animal that was used for an experiment. I played around with lights and shadows to create a contrast photo, I wanted to highlight the feather as soft and delicate while the medical equipments are dark and almost opaque.

The writing, I wish I could find the original file, right now I'd prefer it without the writing. As I said earlier the image itself is straight to the point. I guess I could've quoted it better but hey, I believe I was 17 at the time *shrugs* I was trying to be deep and really express what I strongly care about - ha.

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