Thursday, 1 November 2012

Korean Eye 2012 in Saatchi Gallery

Saatchi Gallery located in Sloane Square, London is one of my favourite gallery containing contemporary pieces of art such as;
Yoo Myun Gyun, Korean artist (above) made a big structure made out of ink on newspapers, supposedly a floating world. From what I understood in this piece is that the artist is trying to show his own version of the world showing the connection of nature and human society. The newspapers are always filled with real stories about people all around the world. Therefore, the whole concept of this piece is creating a vision that simply explains that our world today is built around the society. 

Kim Byoungho.
This is one of the beautiful pieces I have seen. The artist created a stunning sound sculpture, which gives an impression of an exploding star.

Kim Hyuen Jun
This is the most interesting piece I have seen. The idea behind it is very well executed. The artist created furnitures and sculptures out of the cardboard boxes which makes us think about what we value and why. In a society dominated by shopping, his works deliberately focus not on the prized object but on the packaging in which it comes and one of the few things in society which is freely given but instantly thrown away.

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