Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Bigger Splash

Last weekend, I managed to do what I love doing on my free time. Going to museums and as pretentious as it sounds, appreciating art. This time, I was at the Tate Modern in London and one of the exhibitions I saw was the 'A Bigger Splash' showing a wide range of art work by different artists including the famous 'big splash' painting by David Hockney as seen below and a piece of Jackson Pollock's work.

'A Bigger Splash' about how someone's actions can evolve into a piece of art. For instance, Jackson Pollock's work shows that the canvas is a field of action itself. It is where the artist interacts with his or her piece. 

David Hockney, however, is a contrast to Pollock's work. The piece becomes a backdrop to a person's performance, it's almost as if it was a theatrical space giving his audience a window to its fictional world. 

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